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Boiler Servicing – Why Private Landlords Don’t Bother With a Boiler Service...

Author: Tom Norris

Gas Safety (2)You might think that I’m being a little unfair here, especially if you’re a landlord that ensures your tenanted properties get an annual boiler service, but the sad truth is that there are thousands of landlords who simply don’t give a damn about their tenants or their responsibilities as a landlord.

The UK rental market has rarely been better and rental prices are going through the roof in many parts of the UK.  Add to that some of the cheapest interest rates that the UK has ever experienced and it is plain to see that the private landlord has been doing well in the past few years.

Sure, the capital values have dropped but as long as they hold on to their properties they stand to make an excellent return on their investment.

So they question is, if the private rental market is doing so well and private landlords are making a killing then why do they ignore their responsibilities and endanger the lives of their tenants by not ensuring that their properties get an annual gas boiler service? The answer is simple… pure greed!

The UK private landlords have to be the greediest human specimens around and in quite a lot of cases are entirely arrogant and ignorant of their responsibilities. The Gas Safe Register promises a £5,000 fine for landlords that fail to have their gas appliances tested every year but still the landlords ignore the legislation just to save a few more quid.

Gas Safety (1)I would like to see all bad landlords prosecuted by the Health & Safety Executive until they finally get the message that putting tenants lives at risk for a saving of £50/£60 a year is a bad investment.

Looking over the Gas Safe Register website I couldn’t see any details on rogue landlords or prosecutions and I begin to wonder if this is yet another government backed organisation with no teeth.

If you’re a tenant you need to ensure that you have a copy of the gas safety record for the property that you rent. If you don’t have one or have never been given one then get in touch with your landlord and demand a copy. If it fails to materialise or you know for certain that the gas appliances on the property have not been serviced in the past year then get in touch with the Gas Safe Register and let them have the details. Alternatively, get in touch with Best Boiler Reviews and we will stir things up for you.

The message to rogue landlords is simple; stop abusing your tenants by putting their lives at risk to improve your margin. Get your act together and ensure that your tenanted properties get an annual gas safety check and boiler service before more lives are lost.

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