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Wasting Money On Old Boilers


My Boiler Is Costing me Hundreds Of Pounds Every Year!

Author Tom Norris

Believe it or not, if you have an old boiler that is nearing the end of its life then it is most certainly costing your hundreds of pounds in wasted energy costs each year.

For argument sake let’s just say that your annual heating bills come to 1,500 and you have a boiler that is around 10 years old. Just how much money do you think you’re wasting each year? Do you think its 10%? Maybe 20% or even 30%?

Fact is, you could be wasting as much as 50% of your annual heating costs and in many cases it is up tp 70% or 80% depending on the age of the boiler and the service history.

What you have to consider is that over the past 10 years boiler manufacturers have worked tirelessly with regard to improving the efficiency of their boilers. and we have seen huge breakthroughs in terms of energy saving boilers and systems.

Condensing boilers for example have a far higher efficiency rate than conventional boilers. They use less fuel and have lower running costs mainly because they are capable of extracting heat from the combustion gases which are normally expelled.


SEDBUK Boiler Rating SystemSEDBUK stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK and is a simple rating system for boiler efficiency. All boilers now sold in the UK get rated and the most efficient boilers are given an A rating.

The aim should always be to install boilers with an A rating as these boilers will cost less to run than boilers with a lower rating. You might think you’re getting a bargain with a lovely new boiler that is cheaper than its competitors but if it has a low SEDBUK rating then you will end up paying more in running costs for the entire life of the boiler.

In other words, the simplest way to make sure you are getting a highly efficient boiler is to make sure it has an A rating. If a boiler doesn’t have an A rating then I would advise you give it a miss, save a bit more money and get the A because it will save you a huge amount of money in the long term.

Even if your boiler breaks down and needs replacing but you can’t really afford it it would probably work out cheaper in the long term to use a boiler finance package than it would be to buy a cheap boiler with a low efficiency rating. Read our article on Flexible Boiler Finance.

Outdated Heating Controls

Most UK homes, even those with new boilers, have outdated heating controls in that they may be using new thermostats and programmers but the manner that they are being used hasn’t really been questioned since we first started installing central heating systems in UK homes in the 70’s.

Boiler Heating Time ClockFor example, the vast majority of central heating systems in UK homes heat all the radiators on the property when the heating comes on which is simply stupid because it’s most likely you are only using a few rooms but in order to heat them you end up heating the whole house. How is that for wasting energy and money?

We recommend that you read one of our recent articles on the subject of Zone Control in order to find out  what you should be doing to update your heating controls and saving more money on energy costs.

Where Does All The Heat Go?

It’s a good question because one of the best methods of improving the efficiency of our heating systems is to examine our home with a view to remedying the obvious sources of heat loss.

Window Heat LossWindows and doors are one of the worst offenders and it is estimated that we lose up to 40% of our heat through old windows and ill-fitting doors. The fact is if you actually weighed up the cost of the heat loss through your old windows every year you would probably find out that you are wasting more money than the amount you would have paid for replacement windows.

For example, if you were spending 1,500 a year on heating costs and were losing 40% of the generated heat through old windows then you would be wasting around 600 per year.

If you installed new double glazed windows at a cost of 10,000 with a life span of say 20 years, then the windows would cost you an average of 500 per year.

In other words it’s cheaper to have the new windows installed than to continue to waste your money on energy costs every year.

We recommend that you visit Cheapest Double Glazing to find some amazing offers and great deals on new double glazed windows and doors.

Have You Considered Swapping Energy Providers?

This has to be one of the most boring subjects as many people switch themselves off the moment you mention switching energy suppliers. It’s a bit like switching bank accounts, we know we’re getting ripped Swapping Energy providersoff but we’re simply too lazy to do anything about it.

Fact is the energy companies know this and make it as difficult as they can for us to be able to determine which tarrifs are better or which company will give us a better deal. If they made it simpler and more transparent then we would be checking it every month and switching the moment the put us on a higher tariff.

uSWitch state that the average homeowner can save up to 416 per year off their annual energy costs and should check tariffs ever year for more savings. How is that for an incentive to save even more money on energy costs?

We recommend that you read our article on Saving Money By Switching Energy Suppliers

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