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Is FREE Energy A Good Idea?

Author Tom Norris

I deliberately posed the question “Is FREE Energy a Good Idea?” not just to grab your attention but to try to immediately convey the message that anyone that isn’t looking or interested in FREE Energy resources needs to have their head examined.

Look at the rising cost of fuel year after year and tell me that it doesn’t make you feel insecure or Price-Devils-Green-Energy-009helpless knowing that the energy companies can charge more or less as much as they like and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Well actually, you can do something about it. You can start reading about the alternatives and the more you find out the better off you will be because at least then you are taking steps to safeguard your interests.

I came to the UK in the 70’s and I found it really weird that homeowners were closing up their fireplaces for nice clean central heating. I came from Ireland where the main fuel used was wood. This was used in the firelace and in Arger style cookers to heat hot water, heat the house and to prepare the meals. Wood was really cheap and in many cases it was actually free so I couldn’t really understand why UK homeowners would sacrifice the fireplaces for central heating and In doing so give up their independence to the oil companies.

We’ve had free energy for millions of years and now we have to pay for it? We would have to be absolutely crazy NOT to be looking for low-cost energy alternatives. I say low-cost because in order to harness energy of one kind or another we need to purchase and install the necessary equipment.

How Would You Like FREE Hot Water For 9 or 10 Months a Year?

Price-Devils-Green-Energy-003Let’s look at it another way, how would you like 75% off your hot water heating bills? Now surely that has your attention? I have a home that uses 2 Greenskies Solar-Lux evacuted tube solar panels which are currently one of the highest performing solar panels on the market. As a result I have FREE hot water for around 9 months of last year. Even in the months when I have to supplement I still get a little free so I’m a very happy bunny when it comes to hot water.

Typical payback period is 2 / 4 years. Read More

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How Would You Like FREE Central Heating  For 6 or 8 Months a Year?

If you’re like me then your hand just shot up as I can’t think of anybody that would turn their nose up at reducing their heating costs by 50% or more. You might think it’s a bit far fetched but did you know Price-Devils-Green-Energy-005that if you install a GROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMP you can in fact cut your heating bills in half. You don’t even have to take my word for it as there are many thousands of pages online that will confirm what I’m saying.

Ideally you need a reasonable size garden where you can lay coiled pipe much like in the photos but if you are stuck for space you can have a vertical bore hole dug instead. Heat from the sun heats up the ground and as it does it heats up the water in the pipe to about 12 degrees. When you run your heating system the boiler does the rest by heating up the water further to the desired temperature.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says that a 'typical' ground source heat pump system could save you between 395 and 2,000 a year depending which existing heating system you are replacing.

Typical payback period is 2 / 4 years. Read More

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How Would You Like FREE Water For 6 or 7 Months a Year?

Price-Devils-Green-Energy-008Water used to be free but somewhere along the line we agreed to pay for it. Now we have meters going in everywhere and we are going to be paying far more for water in the future.

The are several water harvesting systems available in the UK which are designed to collect rainwater and waste water from the sinks, bath and shower. This water is filtered, disinfected and then used for toilets and gardening needs. Homes with water recycling systems will see a reduction in water usage by around 50%. Supply usually equates to demand as each person is generating their own water.

Typical payback period is 3 / 5 years. Read More

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How Would You Like FREE Electricity All Year Round?

Did somebody say no thanks? I didn’t think so. So how much did you pay for electricity in the past year? Was it 1,000? Maybe it was 1,500 or even 2,000. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on Price-Devils-Green-Energy-002electricity in the past because now I’m going to explain to you how to get FREE electricity.

First off, did you know that you can get a FREE Solar Panel Installation? it’s a simple affair that involves a large Solar company renting your roof for 20 years or so, installing solar panels and then selling the energy back to the utility companies. In fact you will also get a share of the free electricity produced. Now that’s one way of getting free electricity without spending a penny.

On the other hand why should you rent out your roof space to a solar company when you could install your own solar panels, generate electricity and sell it all back to the utility companies. Just think about how nice it would feel to get a cheque each month from the utility company...

Before we get carried way I need to tell you that whilst most roofs are not suitable to generate enough electricity to sell back to the utility companies, almost all roofs are capable of generating some amounts of electricity that will help to reduce the amount of money you spend on electric bills.

There are many variables that influence how much energy your solar system can produce:

There is much debate as to what the payback time is on a solar panels installation but the one thiing that is agreed by many is that in time you will get a handsome return on your investment. You can rely on the greedy energy companies to ensure that money spent on installing solar will turn out to be an excellent long-term investment.

Typical payback period is 7 / 10 years. Read More

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