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Cut Your Energy Costs With Zone Control

Author Tom Norris

If you’re like me then I guess you’ve wasted many thousands of pounds over the years heating rooms and parts of the home that nobody was using.

Ask yourself this simple question. When you put the heating on, are you:

If you’re heating only the area that you are using then good for you as you are clearly on the ball and making substantial savings in energy costs already.

However, if you answered A, like the vast majority of homeowners reading this article, then you are wasting more or less half of the amount of money you spend each year in energy costs heating rooms for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

It’s a sad fact that millions of UK homes have outdated central heating systems that were designed in an era when fuel costs wern’t a big issue. You may have a nice new boiler, a smart looking heating programmer and lovely looking radiators but I guarantee you that the controls you have in place are programmed to provide heat to all the radiators throughout the house when you adjust the thermostat upwards or call for heating using the programmer.

You may even have gone to the trouble of installing thermostatic radiator valves but they don’t fully control the area to be heated, they merely control the temperature of the area to be heated.

Why Heat Bedrooms & Unused Parts Of The House During The Day?

Throughout the winter, when the heating is on all day, most of us are oblivious to the fact that we are wasting our money heating upstairs or other parts of our property. The problem is all to do with the original installation of the heating system and the controls installed.

In almost all cases, residential homes have only one thermostat fitted and when the heating is in operation hot water is sent to all the radiators regardless of where they are located. We may only want to heat a few rooms downstairs but in order to do so we have to heat all the radiators. Now how stupid is that?

What Is Zone Control?

In simple terms, zone control allows us to heat parts of our property rather then the whole which makes far more sense. You Zone Control Pic 2can install as many zone controls as you please but ideally on a 2 or 3 storey property you should install a zone control on each floor and in doing so create separate heating zones that can be heated independently.

The overall aim is to reduce energy costs by setting the zone controls so that you only end up heating the areas that are in use rather than the entire system. Operation is simple as each zone control works much like a standard thermostat with a built in programmer which allows you to set the temperature and the heating times for individual days of the week.

The end result is that you only heat the radiators and rooms that you are using which works out far cheaper than heating the whole house every time you pop the heating on.

What Involved In Creating Zones To My Heating System?

To create a heating system with zones you have to install a programmer for each zone along with an open-close valve on the heating pipework so that the programmer can control the flow of water to the radiators. It’s a pretty simple job for a plumber and one that can easily be done in a day.

On an average 2 storey property you most likely have an existing programmer and a hall thermostat controlling the whole house. On this type of installation we would recommend that you create a separate zone for the 1st floor and install a programmer and valve in the most appropriate position on the system. All central heating system installations are unique to the property they are installed on so we can’t tell you what the position is as a plumber or heating engineer will have to check your system over and make recommendations.

How Much Does Zone Control Cost?

I should expect to pay a few hundred to create an additional controlled heating zone but the price will vary depending entirely on your heating installation and circumstances. The programmer and valve should be obtainable for less than 50 but the real cost is in the installation labour.

Don’t forget that the payback period is most likely less than a year for many homeowners so don’t be deterred by having to spend a few hundred to make it happen as you will be enjoying huge savings in energy costs from this point forward.

We recommend that you get at least 3 quotes for installing zone controls to your system.

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